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J.T. Horn Oil Co., Inc. is an authorized distributor of quality TOTAL Lubricants (formerly FINA Lubricants) and VP Racing Lubricants. Our lubricant offerings include:

  • Engine Oils: 5W30, 10W30, 15W40, 20W50, 15W50, Two Cycle

  • Gear Oils: 80W90, 85W140, SAE 90, Synthetic, Industrial

  • Transmission Fluids: ATF, Tractor Hydraulic Fluid

  • Greases: Premium Lithium EP Grease, Lithium Complex Grease, Red Tacky Grease (High Temp)

  • Hydraulic Fluids: A/W Hydraulic (32, 46, 68, etc..), R&O Hydraulic Fluid

  • Special Oils: Metal Working Fluids, Way Lubricants, Refrigerator Oils, White Oils, Food Grade Oils, Cylinder Oils, Transformer Oils, Heat Transfer Oil, Compressor Lubes