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J.T. Horn Oil Co., Inc. offers a full line of TOTAL Conventional Engine Oils.

The TOTAL Classic range of products provides excellent protection against wear, thermal breakdown, enhanced fuel economy and improved engine cleanliness. All Classic products have been developed to meet the requirements from the major Domestic and Foreign OEMs.

Our Classic range is officially registered API SN/GF-5 with the American Petroleum Institute ensuring every drop meets the demands of engine manufacturers. Our packaging features the fuel economy starburst logo ensuring consumers our products meet the latest API standards. The Classic range products provide improved protection for domestic and foreign gasoline engines. They are particularly useful when operating at high temperatures as is the case during prolonged idling. Classic motor oils contain anti-oxidants, enhanced dispersants, detergents, and anti-wear and corrosion prevention properties. The heaviest grade, 20W50, is specially designed for older European and high-performance vehicles requiring higher zinc levels than typical SN quality oils.

  • Classic Racing 20W50

  • Classic SN 10W40

  • Classic SN GF-5 10W30

  • Classic SN GF-5 10W30

  • Classic SN GF-5 5W20

  • Classic SN GF-5 5W30

  • Classic SN SAE 30

  • Classic SN SAE 40

  • Classic Racing 20W50