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J.T. Horn Oil Co., Inc. offers a full line of TOTAL lubricants for heavy-duty motor oil needs.  TOTAL heavy-duty lubricants have been formulated using advanced technology engineered to exceed API standards and most diesel engine lubrication requirements for on- and off-road equipment. TOTAL is committed to providing high quality lubricants and to offer a comprehensive range of products for the heavy-duty motor oil market.
Rubia lubricants provide excellent protection, extended drain intervals, enhanced fuel economy, and improved performance. The result is ever-increasing performance that ensures long system life and fewer visits to the workshop. Rubia engine oils have been developed to meet or exceed the most severe OEM requirements and are suitable for most of the brands and models throughout the world.

Rubia Engine Oils:

  • Rubia Fleet SAE 10W

  • Rubia Fleet SAE 15W40

  • Rubia Fleet SAE 20

  • Rubia Fleet SAE 30

  • Rubia Fleet SAE 40

  • Rubia Fleet SAE 50

  • Rubia Fleet HD 900 SAE 10W-30

  • Rubia G9 SAE 40

  • Rubia G9 SAE 20W40

  • Rubia Gas 5M SAE 15W40

  • Rubia SAE S30

  • Rubia SAE S40

  • Rubia SAE S50

  • Rubia TIR 7400 FE NA SAE 10W30

  • Rubia TIR 7400 SAE 15W40

  • Rubia TIR 7800 SAE 15W40

  • Rubia TIR 7800 SYN NA SAE 5W40

  • Rubia TIR 7900 FE SAE 10W30

  • Rubia TIR 7900 SAE 15W40

  • Rubia TIR 7900 SB NA SAE 15W40

  • Rubia TIR 7900 SYN NA SAE 5W40

  • Rubia TIR 8600 10W40

  • Rubia TIR 9200 FE 5W30